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KEvin ng MAris stella High school!! 3more mths la



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By Eminem

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

fun day!

hahas today went out early in e morning to met tw at bugis.. collected e pens to sell den went off to hougang.. hahas actually waiting fer baobeii den sun bian sell lo.. hahas arcaded awhile den went down to sell le.. heh.. first hour nt much sales la.. sians.. den wen students start coming out den start to pick up already.. hahas.. waited fer baobeii to finish sch n jonas tag along.. tw went off to meet ek la.. den jonas baobeii n i went her hse lo.. waited fer her to get change.. den off we went to city hall.. meet tw ek n gy junde.. hahas.. walk alot la.. dey went to meet sc fer dinner.. one yr anniversary.. keke.. den i no money so went wit junde dey all eat macs la.. sians!! den went out smoke.. den baobeii burn my ass! omgg!! walk ard awhile, den went back bugis return license.. fetch baobeii home den came home myself.. on e way kena throw eggs.. ccb!! tired la.. tmr working agn.. sians.. nites everyone!

Love u baobeii!! always!!

fanaticme->Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

neglected my blog again!

Hmm been working at my dad office dis few weeks la.. straight after working always go holy high pick my dear up.. hahas.. so nowadays always ard north eastern part of singapore la.. celebrated my sweet 18 bdae at suntec.. pizza hut.. hahas.. 9 ppl came.. n sry shawn din call u earlier!! hahas.. n so suay dis week my friends.. kena caught by QX fer smoking.. kena warning lors.. heh i 18 le.. can smoke la bt heh heh.. hmm cant reallie rmb wad happen dis few weeks la.. quite boring n monotonous lors.. everday abt e same routine.. sch start le ma.. sians.. n hey val sry fer turning u dat day.. hahas.. go out soon yea!! heh.. since we live so near to each other.. keke.. wanna meet anytime oso can.. yeayea?? well write till here la.. byebye!! take care!

fanaticme->Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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