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KEvin ng MAris stella High school!! 3more mths la



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By Eminem

Thursday, August 31, 2006


hello all teachers!! wish all of u a happy teachers day!! ahhas.. went sch today instead of ponning n was late bt i din care n jus walk straight up to my class. hahas stupid minyan pon.. u idiot ponner!! hahas.. den went to e hall fer mr cool marist! YANG YUAN FENG got it la.. hahas.. den play bridge fer 45mins? actually suppose to go ding hui hse de.. den in e end dunno y nve go.. ahhas.. came back home den now waiting fer rain to stop den go out.. hahas.. changi airport!! haas

fanaticme->Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

crazy day of exams

woohoo.. today nearly late fer sch agn.. ahhas..brought hp to sch fer a long time since like 5 wks ago.. cos scared dk confiscate la.. no more chance le la.. ahhas.. hmm den stupid morning assembly was like freaking 30mins la.. stupid kwok keep toking n asking e teachers to pardon him la.. say wad will repeat his story once over agn if he hears ppl toking.. WTH!! i am like having maths test dat day n i suck in maths la.. i was so anxious la. n cant wait fer e exams to start la.. den he tok so long.. den went in fer maths ok la.. paper was do-able.. ya nt easy nt hard la.. jus could not find e ans fer e bearing de.. hais.. bt anyway i wasnt reallie interested in doin dat paper.. hahas.. wad i was interested in was e geog paper after dat.. hahas.. din play bridge during e break as time was restricted and quarrel wit cheng!! ahahas.. jkjk de la.. hmm den during geog pia like siao!! dun even have time to slow down n stop writing la.. den my back was cramping like siao la!! after sch cheng keep ask me go heartland.. budden i bluff him say i dunwan go.. ahhas.. den he walk off in fury.. couldn find him den saw him at e bus stop.. minyan n i decicded to see whether we shld go anots.. scissors paper stone!! i came out wit scissors he paper!! hahas i won n we have to go.. so we went across e road den went heartland.. cos we are suppose to go e magic shop fer e bicycle cards dere la.. ya! den went dere?! aHHH shop was like close la!! WTH! called e man den he say try to rush down before 3.. so jacob minyan cheng n i decided to go fer bak chor mee.. ahhas.. went back dere shop haven open yet la.. wth!! den waited fer awhile e man come le.. look ard den saw super alot of cards la!! wahhahas i wanna collect all man.. bought 2 decks den went home wit jacob.. ahhas.. i dun tink i wanna go sch tmr la.. stupid aces daYY!! turn me off la.. hhas.. hmm later mayb goin out wit jacob la.. JACOB U BETTER DUN PANG SEY!! hahas..

fanaticme->Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

woohoo chinese was relax!

hahas today chinese paper i dun noe wad i writing abt or reading abt la. fer paper 1 i jus like go thru n skim thru e question n did e personal letter.. hahas.. dun even noe correct anots.. den nx was e zuo wen which i believe i can do rather well la.. cos i have personal experience ma.. hahas.. as teacher always say, compos wit personal experience wld b e best to score la.. hahas.. den play bridge as usual.. SUAY la 2nd deck kena confiscated agn wen ng chor yam walk past.. den keep calling my name n ask me hand e cards over.. cos i tink he noe me dere only la.. WTH!! den say he would come find me agn.. bt he didn la.. scare scare me only i tink.. budden i oso dont wan any trouble la during exams period.. den nx was chinese paper 2 i was half asleep wen i was attempting e paper la.. dun even noe wad e few passages was toking abt.. den i jus summarise e paper.. hahas.. CLass 3L opposite was so damm noisy la.. den jacob heard edmund goy shouting at e class asking whu threw bread at him la.. WAHAHAHAS so damm funny can.. went home immediately after paper end wit jacob as usual den tok abt singapore poly food.. hahas.. went back to slp till 4 den tuition cher came fer maths... my running nose gt worse n i have to excuse myself 4 times to go to e toilet la.. hais.. bt hope can pass my maths tmr la.. if i can do so it would b a real achievement la!! hahas.. GOOD LUCK TO ME MAN!! well now gonna chiong geog le!! distinction fer humans man!! ahhas!! bye!

fanaticme->Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

omgg Prelims is here la! stressed!

Hahas today nearly late fer sch agn. always like dat de la.. my dad always fetch me ma.. den wake up real late.. went to sch expect to take e english exams.. bt went into e class realise dat we r goin to take it in e class la.. hahas.. i like to do it in class la.. feel more at home.. hahas.. eng paper 1 was like abit tough email format den all of us have different opinions as to how to present e format.. aiya dun care la.. hahas.. den rest fer 1hr play bridge.. hoping dk dont catch us... nx paper 2 was rather funny la.. han lao peh walk into e class n all of us were like laughing la cos he like dat type heck care de ma.. den we all make fun of him la.. he dont even care.. den start le.. he keep looking at me from his desk den ask minyan whether i am a retainee.. like WTF? hahas.. mrs SU next walk in den we all start laughing agn.. cos our maths class always tease dat dey like each other la.. muahhas.. wah lao den opposite e sch compound so noisy la.. bloody hell e teacher keep knocking e marker against e marker holder from e whiteboard la.. so damm noisy.. till i shouted 'fuck' hahas.. erm den nx was a bumblebee flying ard la.. cheok cheng all started closing e window la.. hahas.. den nx went to eat at LJS wit minyan n cheng..(jacob u asshole pangsey) hahas.. den here i am lors.. later gonna study.. cheng now in my hse! hahas.. ciaos!

fanaticme->Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

omgg sians!

hais sian la tmd tmr so fast prelims start le.. still tinking of whether to go krunkmarket on fridat anots.. heh.. dunno wat to wear lehs.. heh.. today rather sian la.. early morning wake up eat porridge den rush out fer tuition at bugis le.. 11.30 to 1.30.. went dere late end left early cos i finish my compo faster den other ppl.. hahas..=) den went back n went to the nearest bookstore to buy myself a pen cos i had absolutely no pen fer my prelims tmr.. as all my fren whu sit near me in my class shud noe.. hahas i have no proper pencil box.. even though i have a big rusty pencil box at home bt my ink bag canord fit.. so normally i dun bring it to sch la.. heh.. jus a few pens n pencils.. heh.. came home after tuition n wanted to slp bt could not get to slp la.. instead watch tv till 6 den play my ps2 agn! still losing! cant win la! damm! went my grandma hse after dat, play soccer wit my fellow cousins den now at home watching f1 la.. hahas.. sians la e days before exams.. reallie hope dat i can ace my Os and den play till i drop la.. hahas.. gotta study hard man!! yea!!

fanaticme->Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006


hahas back now watching man u match!! jus testing out agn.. sians!

fanaticme->Saturday, August 26, 2006


yea finally got dis blog up n goin.. hahas.. spent abt 1hr finding skin tagboard n stuff.. hahas.. jus finish tuition n instead of revising i make my blog la.. and my prelims is just 2 days away.. bt its english and den chinses so rather relax la.. hahas.. hope to score well fer eng.. as fer chinese gt use mehs? dunno y all mus take agN? hais.. 2day super sian la.. nothing to do at all.. play dynasty warrior den keep losing n dying.. after dat most prob will b goin out wit my parents. bt i will definitely b back b4 10.. hahas Man u v watford!! man u gonna thrash their asses man!! hahas..

fanaticme->Saturday, August 26, 2006



fanaticme->Saturday, August 26, 2006

hais!! find 1 skin so tough

wth!! find 1 skin fer dis blog oso so damm tough!! sians ah.. have 3 ppl helping me to find one now.. hahas. hmm shall blog later la.. find my bloggie skin first!! hahas.. cya!

fanaticme->Saturday, August 26, 2006

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