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KEvin ng MAris stella High school!! 3more mths la



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By Eminem

Sunday, October 29, 2006

hahas!! sians!! chinese tmr

hmm hahas so finally its e start of Os tmr.. hahas reallie feeling e pressure already!! wen i dun study reallie feel e guilt overcoming me.. hmm so today after tuition.. went to meet cailing den went to sim lim to get my cooling pad n mouse fer my laptop!! yupss.. den went off to parkway dere to relax a lil by playing pool.. Guess whu we saw dere!! hahas gerard!! lol.. so coincidental la.. den play till abt 4+.. paid up n wanted to go off already.. decided to play one round of daytona.. heh.. den dat blur blur cailing nearly lost her phone la.. still can laugh laugh like dat!! realie damm blur la.. hahas.. den after dat accompany her to mrt station.. went home.. bought my wax n KFC.. den came home n study!! sians!! well good luck fer whoeva is taking their Os yea!! all e wayyy mann!!!

fanaticme->Sunday, October 29, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

heh heh!! Os are really coming!!

hohoho!! so i have been spending lesser n lesser time on my comp now.. well concentrating on my studies.. hais stupid hist textbook.. words all so darn small.. den read le will see stars de la.. omgg.. can die la studying.. y does time pass so slowly when u r studying? n so fast wen ure playing.. hahas.. well was chatting wit princess ytd online.. hahahs.. den she show me her photo la.. omggg.. its like so cute can.. hahas.. den she keep saying otherwise.. haiyoo.. ur grin was like so wide!! =))) hahahs.. den after dat ji siao her abit.. den she gt pissed off.. lol.. reject my calls lehs.. hahas sorry la!! lol!! dun angry le la.. heh heh.. and oh cl, 14 more days.. wahhahas!!.. den its time to party abit!! woohoo!!! pool movies n late night tonning.. wakkakas!!

fanaticme->Friday, October 27, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

whEW!! wad a lucky daY!!

hahas well today was a lucky day la!! my dad could not make e appointment at 9.30am wit my DM!! so in his car he was like keep hurrying me to find him in sch la.. i was running ard like some mad dog la.. hahas.. den in e end tell my dad to leave la.. cant find my DM.. den in e end found him wen i was sitting at e hall dere.. rushed out to tell him say my dad cant meet him.. den he ask me go general office.. say will call my dad n stuff.. take down e hp no n stuff.. hahas he din even ask me fer e report la.. seriously i dun tink he reallie wanna care la.. jus ask me to leave dat guy alone.. hahas.. dat loser!! hmm den went into e hall agn.. chat wit jonas, javier n shannon! yup.. den went toilet n into 4J class after dat.. played cards.. went down to canteen wit kwan to eat.. den tok abt clubbing events after Os.. heh..

nx kwan n me went to lan agn!! die le scared i kena hook onto it sia!! lol.. play battlefield n den need fer speed most wanted.. hahas..went home fer tuition after dat.. lookin forward to it fer e few times in my life!! cos mayb i am anxious abt Os ba.. hahas.. bt cld see dat my tuition cher was rather unwell.. yea.. hahs.. he mus take care oso la.. if nt whu will guide me to better grades?! hmm slept after dat.. gt headache.. until now still have though.. hmm wake up to meet val at pp.. collect her geog tb from her.. well thanks val!! heh.. G wrapped my phone.. design like carboon fibre!! wah damm chio.. love it!! heh.. came home study n tok abit.. now goin to slp le.. headache!! byebye!!

fanaticme->Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

What a rotten day!!

Hmm so today purposely went to sch late jus to avoid mayb e unluckiest of detection by my dm.. bt nevertheless i was still summoned to e office becos of someone whu told my name to e dm saying dat i was involved in e confrontation wit dat guy.. eng kwan came n told me dat he was looking fer me n i shld automatically go look fer him.. if he comes looking fer u, e situation wld get worst la.. so i went to look fer my dm in his office la.. he ask me y i was involved den ask my parents to come down on wed 9.30am.. gave me e blur form to write e stupid report which i dread doing la.. sians!! den dat stupid jonas after came n kneel in front of me.. say write my name, bt gt explain dat i nve do anything.. fer wad den u write my name!!! idiot leh u jonas!! TMD!! den jus as i was walking to e primary sch canteen, i saw e T K low hall door dat is open.. den in my fustration n anger i aim a good hard kick at it.. e stupid lousy sch whu cant spend more money on better doors!! it came crashing down on me la.. hit my right side n i have headache till now la.. damm pain la.. like concussed like dat.. hahas.. so i heard from all my frens dat its 1 stroke to e ass.. sians!! nothing would have happen if nt becos of u!!! idiot!! hahas thanks cailing n keita.. wahhaas wish me good luck on wed!! i am sure i wld come thru u unscathed!! hmmm??

Trotted down to grandlink later to play lan.. i dun like lan de la.. bt since kwan wanna pay fer me den i go lors.. at first i still dunwan go de.. bt hahas, upon much persuasion from kwan, tw n chang.. i decded to jus tag along la.. hhas realised it was quite fun la!! stupid ah chang damm power in CS la.. i only like 26 frags... he gt like 88 le.. WTH riteS? play fer like one half hr n den went down to wild wild wet fer e interview.. hahas wlak in e rain to e office n i was like lost la.. changed so much already la e office!! heh.. bt went to find shortie den say fill in e form can already!! my name is no longer in e system already la!! aARGGG!!! waited fer dat stupid junde n gerard!! kwan n i jus sat dere waiting fer dem lors.. toking cock wit e full time ifeguard dere!! hahas. quite fun la!! hmm bt come to think of it.. its jus 7 days to chinese Os!! die le la!! A1!! took mrt wit dem. came home n slept fer awhile... did my maths.. hopefully i can do well fer my maths n sci la.. hmm?? and anyway sry to all my frens whom i nve reply to!! my msg bill explode le!! jacob sry i cant go midnight study wit u!! n jonas n tw!! e interview is nx week.. so haven noe e results yet.. yupp!! dats abt all.. my head hurtSSS!!!

fanaticme->Monday, October 23, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Science Practical!!

hmm so today was the science practical!! hahas din reallie study much la.. nothing much to study anyway.. hmm so slept till like 10.. since i was in shift 3.. dat meant i did nt have to b lock up n i have to b in sch at only 11.15am.. hahas.. went thru e primary sch gate agn.. damm scared lock la.. bt luckily it was nt.. hmm i admit i was rather nervous walking into e sci lab.. bt after i saw e experiment i was supposed to do.. it was damm relaxing la.. so darn easy can!! hahas.. went home after dat to change n eat my lunch.. met ek n yt at stege.. hahas both of dem gt another piercing agn la.. so many ppl piercing le.. peer pressure.. dunno wanna pierce anots.. lol.. went to ek hse after dat fer him to change.. bused down to bedok to look fer my hp n den tampines mall.. bt could nt find la!! sians.. none of e damm shop wanna accept my $100 voucher la!! hais!! like gt money ppl dunwan like dat.. so sickening!! bt well have to thank ek la.. walk ard wit me all e way.. thanks man bro!! hahas.. he went fishing den i went back bedok bought a couple of games fer my ps2.. heh.. den now super bored.. waiting to play e game.. hahas.. byebye!!!

fanaticme->Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Hmm so u told me not to care huh?! i cant la!! well so happy wen i learn dat u have been doing quite well huh?! well jus jiayou abit more n i can b sure dat u will ace everything yea!! heh.. noe u can do it de!! n try to b happy la!! cheer up.. hais tmr my chem prac.. doing all e tables everything.. den history is up neext!! dieee!! well hope i can do well!! misses u la!!

fanaticme->Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

Chem/phys prac

Hmm dont reallie noe wad to study for my chem prac.. mayb i will jus flip thru my notes on solubility tables.. cations n anions.. rmb all e stupid acid name!! hais.. sadded.. i nve have a knack fer remembering such stuff on chem.. Keita how i wish i have ur brain la.. can rmb all e stupid chem stuff.. hahas.. after my prac i return to u.. hahas.. if technology were so advanced la.. hmm after dis practical, hist is nx on e list la.. malaya.. another diff part.. omgg.. counting from today!! jus 35 more days to my ultimate freedom!! hahas.. it shld b gone soon!! waiting fer dat day.. ANXIOUSLY!! ANTICIPATING!! heh heh. well gotta go study now.. bored!

fanaticme->Monday, October 16, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006


hahas so 13 oct!! table 44! hahas dis was e numbers involved in my leavers cermony la.. heh.. black friday den table 44! die die! hahas.. bt everything went on smoothly.. well was happy dat after 11 years in mshs i am finally graduating.. hmm seriously i love the 4K of 2006 man.. hahas!! we were totally crazy la.. like it is not the O level year!! bully teachers eating in class.. n doin stupid tricks in class den kena caught by cher!!(n i mean u ding hui) wahahhas.. overall i leave dis sch wit a happy heart dat i have known dis bunch of great frens!! heh.. well keep in contact yea e class of 4k.. jiayou fer ur Os meanwhile!! do well everyone!!!

After leavers, went to dxo.. hmm reach rather late n lucien was like already dere la.. hahas.. thanks lucien fer queuing up fer us so early la.. heh.. e queue was like omgg freaking long la... den ernest saw us.. n we like cut straight into their queue.. woohoo.. was like in within a few minutes.. hahas.. party e whole night thru.. sweaty n stuff.. n i mean drenched la.. poor cailing la.. go into dance floor gt stupid guy wanna do funny things le.. hhaas.. hey n janel too! my god e guy was like omgg.. shucks!! nx time stick to me closer la.. wahhahas.. party ended at 4.. walk like along kallang.. ran along e road n stuff.. den jonas n i took taxi home.. he stay over at my hse till like 12pm.. den went home.. hahas.. now like so tired agn. i wanna go slp le.. hahas..

fanaticme->Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Os are nearing!

Wah!! look at e calendar n all O level takers shld get a shock ba.. unless dey are reallie fully prepared.. heh.. less den 2wks to go.. omgg!! bt i seriously wan it to end soon la.. enuff torture already.. heh.. 5 years fer me in secondary sch life lehs.. bt seriously la.. i am reallie gonna miss e sec4k of 2006.. love dem all la.. hahas.. all e fooling ard..!! heh.. fun!! nowadays been busy mugging!! n yes i am reallie mugging now la!! hahas.. scared n feeling e pressure le.. hmm n yes glenys!! princess hour is nice la.. wakakkas.. at first din wanna watch de.. den wen i was eating dinner i gt hooked on it le la.. wahhhas.. princess Glenys ehs?! heh heh!!

fanaticme->Thursday, October 12, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

woohoo!! back agn!

Hmm kinda neglect my blog fer like so long la.. hahas.. well din reallie have the time to update man.. prelims results n all.. so lousy la my results!! shit!! Hmm i swear i am gonna score better fer Os man!! 12 pts here i come!! hahas.. so dis past 1 and a half weeks.. been playing soccer n went to e new shopping complex!! VIVOCITY at harbourfront! hmm nt all e shops are open.. but e 90,000 sq ft cineplex is open.. hhaas went to watch e first ever screening dere la!! cool sia!! i wan enter e GV gold class!! heh.. jus came home from maths and wld b studying wit jacob later ba!! hahas!! n val! u msg me den nve reply de.. omgg!! GO out soon yea!! heh!!

fanaticme->Monday, October 09, 2006

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