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KEvin ng MAris stella High school!! 3more mths la



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By Eminem

Friday, September 29, 2006

WAH muscle pain agn

hais after sch today went home took a quick lunch den went out to meet kwan already.. went penin meet junde yap n their fren. hmm den yap bought a pair of boot.. wah damm rich la he.. super alot of money!! hahas.. den took a bus down to hougang.. was late like fer almost 1 hr la.. hahas.. managed to score 3 goals..hmm den thighs muscle which haven heal yet become even more painful agn.. heh.. watch tv den now turning in soon le.. super tired la!! byebye

fanaticme->Friday, September 29, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

sian sian sian

Hmm sian ah!! nothing to do la now! later goin watch movie most prob.. hahas whole day cooped up in e hse can die de!! wah laos!! anyway all ebest to all ppl taking their EOY! especially to those two taking chinese today!! do ur best yea!!!

fanaticme->Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006


hahas dis post is specially fer u yea PRINCESS GLENYS!! hahas i noe u have been requesting fer damm long le la!! hahas.. sry la now den i add fer u.. heh heh.. sumore so long nve tok to u le.. u study hard la!! n take care of dat braces!! hahas.. LOVE U ALOT ALOT!! heh heh!!

fanaticme->Monday, September 25, 2006

hmm tired!!

Hmm so on sunday went out after tuition! met kwan at his hse first den botak brought us to katong to play pool.. hmm saw gerard den walk in wit him! sing chang n xuann was dere too.. so went in play like fer 45 mins den came out.. kwan chang xuann n jacob wanted to go watch movie.. den cailing me cailing fren n gerard all no money.. so nve go watch.. bt in e end still go city hall.. heh.. arcaded fer awhile den went out to tok a lot to gerard.. den went home later.. sians!

Monday was same sians la!! went sch fer history den bathe n go out agn.. play soccer from 4 to 7.. so sians now stuck at homE!! hais!

fanaticme->Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

damm it la! still gt hist on monday!

Hmm so after paper on friday.. maths n sci paper 1.. went eat wit cheok kwan jacob n brandon at sing post.. japanese food and cheok treat me half la.. hahas good enuff le la.. i no money at all la dat day.. heh.. den decided to peninsula wen actually i din intend to go la bt under e persuasion of brandon.. i decided to go la.. since i have nothing to do anyway.. hahas.. so cheok left us from dere and headed home himself.. jacob brandon n i took e mrt headed fer city hall.. In e end jacob has to meet xuann pam n chang so he went orchard instead n brandon kwan n i went penin ourselves.. shop ard n i bought like over 80+ of stuff la.. wen i dun even intend to go shopping de.. omgg! seriously short of money! borrowed from kwan 40 sumore! den stupid brandon dunwan return my 10.. TMD keep hold n hold unitl dunno wen la.. den he keep wanna buy kwan shorts, n kwan din wanna buy e same as him la.. till e very end den he said he dunwan buy la.. so e uncle have me 30 for the shorts n after wen brandon say he dunwan. i quickly walk out la in case he dunwan give e same discount anymore la.. hahas.. went home slept n den called jacob at 9 to plan to go fishing.. went his hse slack n listen to music.. den we proceeded to ECP.. hahas.. play bridge den after like 2hrs? we decided to cycle n den brandon went home.. went to changi side n i saw e long stretch of road! real mental torture man!! straight all e way la!! omgg! cycled till ard 4am?! den cab home.. $9.30.. hais damm nx yr dunnid take cab le la.. can drive le!! hahas..

Sat was boring la.. slept till ard 12 den eat study abit den watch tv!! sians sians!!

fanaticme->Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hmm was kind of tired today n din feel like goin to take my hist exams today la.. hahas bt still have to take la.. how can dun take riteS? hmm went to sch n reached at 11.. stupid main gate lock la.. WTH!! and i have like 15 mins to reach e exam hall.. so i walk by e small sidegate n ran in la.. lucky still gt like 5-10mins since exams always start late.. hahas.. n i swear dis hist paper was extraordinarily difficult!! man lucien said it was easy!! wad the heck la!! anyway went home happily still hahas as usual! play my new game on ps2 n chat fer awhile den went out to meet val cheryl n val fren to study n mug agn la.. hahas mug fer a lil while n felt tired n moodless to do anything la.. so off we went to macs to eat n den went home.. sians!! maths paper 1 n sci paper 1 on friday!! still have to study fer history malaya la.. reallie shagged le!!

fanaticme->Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hmm biking was fun!

Hmm so on monday went school as usual for my prelims.. it was SS fer dat day.. n i swear i din study much of it as i knew dat it was all sec 3 works la.. and i have been doing dat book for like the past 3 yrS? and if i could not regurgitate everything out from dere, i am not fit to b a O level student dis year la.. so went in dere n i did e wrong question la!! shld not have done e one on diplomacy n deterrence!! stupid ASEAN question so damm difficult.. cos i din not have the time to read e question la.. so i jus skim thru.. hais!! wen i realise dat sri lanka was much easier i was so mad at myself la!! hmm bt anyway wads done cannot b undone.. so jus hope i did well fer e question i did la.. hahas.. den went macs wit minyan n jacob at sing post.. ate e breakfast dere n jus tok fer like an hr? hhas.. we were arguing whether we can make a pool table ourselves n whether its worth e time? hahas.. it was actually raining outside la.. so jus slack in dere lors.. hmm den i msged val(OKOK FOLKS HERE U RMB I MSGED VAL AT ARD 11AM+) she "replied" and say dat we go keita hse to study.. so everything was ok.. hahas went home slept fer awhile den went out to meet her at 5.50 at kembangan.. so we were happily on e bus and den suddenly val ask me.. 'EH U GOT TELL KEITA WHETHER WE GOING HER HOUSE ANOTS?' i was like no? i thought u told her? we were like so shocked becos we thought e opposite had contacted keita.. bt nve mind wads hp fer anyway? so we decided to ring keita n tell her of out arrival.. bt we coluld not get an answer la?! we dropped at bedok interchange to get my DVD games.. and yes val we shall go msia one day..!! hmm after buying e game keita still had not reply la.. so we were like 'how how'.. den finally she called i tink.. she said she had forgot to bring her phone to school.. omgg!! how can u la keita?! hahas.. so went her hse study my history n keita kept saying dat she saw something la!! like a cat ghost or sumthing?! bt anyway we jus carried on n hahas we went to play tennis later on! so fun can.. anyway my backhand sucks la!!val was eating dis big packet of potato chips la!! keep eating n eating n eating!! hahas.. so funny! so after dat was biking time wit jacob kwan n brandon.. went home wit val and on e bus she received a MSG!! it was from me and both of us were shocked la.. i am beside her and why wld i msg her la? and to my horror IT WAS THE MSG DAT I SEND HER IN E MORNING!! SHE DIN RECEIVED TILL NOW N I GT A SO CALLED REPLY IN E MORNING!! and it was on e same topic la! my godd.. TELEPATHY?! den bus-ed down to jacob hse.. pick up e bike n off we went to lagoon to eat... stingray sotong n dunno some shell crap thing where we have to suck things out.. so noisy!! went to play cards in e middle of the night n left e jetty at 2.. bike to jacob hse pick up my things n den bike home! was drenched with sweat la!

Slept till 10.15 on tuesday n got ready fer school wit mrs su.. bike to jacob hse to return him e bike and den went sch together.. was rather late by 40 mins.. heh.. den we gossip abt teachers la.. so funny! MRS SU ROCKS la.. heh.. den went down to eat n chang joined us.. heh.. sian le come home n sleep n now studying history!! hahs.. wad a fun monday!! hahas!! nx monday gonna b e same agn man!!

fanaticme->Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

hahas cheok ure damm crap pls..!!

okok.. so i decided to change to my laptop so dat i can watch e pool championship outside my hall.. firstly he came n tell me dat he is struggling wit his amaths den he barely touched his ss la.. jus read thru all e stuff only.. heh.. den i said i was watching e pool la..he ask me if i noe e reyes formerly from arsenal football club la.. den i say ya y? he say dat efren reyes n dat reyes are brothers la?! i was like wth? how can it b wen one is spanish n e other a filipino?(is dat how it is spelt?) hahas.. hmm den he added.. beckham is their father.. how can it b wen efren is at least in his 40s n beckham is only 31? omgg.. den he say wad marry a spanish woman den divorce or sumthing la.. dats absolutely crazy la.. hahas.. siao de!! hmm ya dats abt all.. siao!!

fanaticme->Sunday, September 17, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006


yeah!! hahas finally e dreadful combine science papers are all over.. hahas.. i tink like all quite easy den i expected the paper to be lehs.. hahas.. hmm first time use dis macbook to blog.. like abit not xi guan den cant type fast.. lol.. well after chem today which was quite ok, went wit kwan n brandon to parkway macs.. had mcmuffin? is dat how it is spelt? hahas.. anyway den brandon had work n ek was arguing wit brandon dat his shirt was heat pressed den brandon was like defending himself.. hahas.. ek nx went to crumple e picture den it crack la.. hahas.. brandon was like WTH!! hahas.. went harvey norman to get my mp3 headset n den to m1 to get e top up card.. went to mph n saw vincent ng e book.. wah lao his body aka like sculpted out de la.. hahas so damm nice.. (hahas i nt gay la.. bt its reallie damm nice) hmm went home next take a nap den decided to meet kwan chang n gerard n his fren at bugis to play pool.. so i reach dere at like 4.40? hahas den met gerard n his fren first den chang came ard 6? kwan came e latest at ard 7.. hahas was playing pool n i tink i was e lousiest among dem all la.. hahas..went arcaded den dinner at e duck rice.. hahas so damm funny la.. jking ard den dis aunty came n told me dat she see me very kai xin! like okok? den she told me she haven eat den wan to quickly clear e table.. den stupid chang went to use e straw dip into e soup den put into my green tea only to realise dat i haven fnish drinking yet la.. idiot!! nx walk ard arcaded sumore den went off home wen all of us had no place of interest to go.. hahas.. so sian!! come to tink dat prelims is still on actually la.. hais.. gotta continue piaing agn!! heh!! jiayou fer me man! yea!

fanaticme->Friday, September 15, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chem sucks!

Hmm so today had practical fer both chem n phys.. woke up at like 10.. heh heh cos i was in e third shift which is also e last shift.. hence can go sch later.. hahas den dun need to be lock up.. hahas.. anyway went to sch n i saw ppl having camp?! i was like huh?! having camp in e middle of preparing fer end of year? hahas.. bt anyway maris stella is always like dat la.. make ppl not study den come out paper hard like shit den all fail.. hais.. den settle down in class for awhile play bridge agn.. stupid cheok stop disturbing la.. wah lao keep suanning us say we nt zai.. hahas.. den it was down to SRC to report.. hmm thought dat hp was not allowed den decided to hide it with derrence in 3I.. hahas den went down saw everybody surrendering their phones to e teachers den decided to bring e bag down n surrender my phone n mp3 player with e teacher.. den we started calling n playing pranks on ppl by calling their number.. hahas so funny can.. cos everyone have like a number so we started calling down out.. deres dis crazy guy whu pin it on his head pls?! 0308!! wth!! so lame can! soon after it was to e exam hall.. hahas so surprised at myself dat i felt no pressure at all.. perhaps it was for the fact dat it was practical.. heehee. hmm did physics first den chem.. ended up playing wit chemicals dat was left over again.. mix everything together agn.. hahas.. and aaron u broke a test tube. hahas u jus freaking heat e test tube n u immediately put it under e tap.. of cos break la.. aiyo!! after dat jacob mum fetch me home n jacob kept screaming at his mum to change e gear la.. as it was underpower.. hahas.. damm funny can.. tuition den now piaing fer my chem tmr.. seriously i tink i am so gonna fail la. hais.. wth!! alkanes alkenes carboxylic acid homologus series!! man!! reactivity series!! wah laos! so many things to study pls.. siao liao!! bt gt no choice la.. combine science have to do well fer both paper if not cant ace it.. okok gotta get down to work now.. hais!

fanaticme->Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wah sian ah!!

wah super sian ah now!! hmm anyway does any of u noe which other camera phones is coming out wit a 5 megapixel camera besides e lg c960? hahas.. cool!!

fanaticme->Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sians back to school again!

hmm sian la back to sch again la.. saw dk den dunno like feel so weird like dat.. hahas.. too long a hols fer me i guess? heh.. nearly 2 wks la.. heh.. hmm anyway physics today n i screwed up my echo question la!! damm it!! i din multiply e distance twice n i only counted once la.. shitss!!! so now gotta pia fer chem n phys prac den chem theory lors.. make up fer e lost marks! hais! later gotta go study.. hmm?! ytd was rather boring.. din do much revision after tuition den at night chiong like siao fer today physics la.. so scared den call lucien to discuss abt wad will come out.. yea.. predicted quite a few correctly bt electricity nve come out a single shit la! wth!! remember all e formaulas oso no use.. hais.. anyway now goin fer nap den wake up to chiong agn le.. engine gonna break down le!!

fanaticme->Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

hMM? study!!

heh! neglect my blog fer 2 days again.. wanted to update ytd night wen my mum took my laptop n refuses to let me blog la.. bt anyway quite a busy weekend dis wk.. Hmm on sat i was nt suppose to not go anywhere.. val msged said she jus woke i tink n ask if we were meeting fer e day? i said no n say sumtime soon la. yea.. she came online soon den before i could catch my breath she asked me along to her church..
=.= like so damm fast can.. so okok we plan to meet at 3.50.. heh.. at bedok interchange n den mrt to pasir ris.. bt she waas kinda late agn so we met at e police station near kaycee.. heh.. wen she was on e bridge she kinda msged me i see u i on e bridge?! i was like ok?? (oi val sms so little le still waste like dat).. den wen she came down luckily dere was 31 so we boarded it towards bedok interchange.. hahas church was to start at 4.30 la.. yea.. anyway chatted n she ask me to tink whether she shud work anots?! hahahs.. den at bedok interchange we sat dere deciding whether we shud get off anots n we were like deciding deciding n den we finally gt off.. hahas.. MRT-ed to pasir ris den took 359 into her church.. hahas.. church till 7? yea anyway toking abt frenships.. heh.. went downtown east bt e satay stall n dat were still renovating so decided to walk back to e foodcourt.. so filled wit ppl so we went to tampines instead.. heh.. decided to watch a movie? like so sudden.. hahas. so in e end we watch forbidden siren.. hahas.. and all dis time we were suppose to study la pls!! hahas.. n val u finally ate a decent meal after all dis time!! chicken noodles isit? hahas.. walk ard den arcade den went in fer e horror.. heh.. after movie= HOME! reached home at 12.. yea..

Sunday early morning tuition agn.. till like 1.30.. went home ate noodles bt mum dont allow me to go out..! bt quite okok la.. at least gt my bro to qie ps2 with.. heh heh.. dats my past time la.. heh.. so tired den nap awhile n wen i woke up it was dinner time le la.. heh.. went out fer dinner n came home to watch F1.. n damm alonso lost because he has been pushing his engine so hard it finally gave way wit 3 laps!! TMD!! bt schumacher is good la i gotta admit!! 90th grand prix win! wth.. he have 90 trophies at home?! my godd!! den off i went to bed so early wen i have no sch today?!! hah

fanaticme->Monday, September 11, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fun studying n playing

Hmm lets see wad did i do ytd.. like quite alot huh?! all e thing came sticking fast at one time dat at one point i tink i was just going thru motion.. hahas.. anyway woke up at ard 9? den chatted.. watch tv den at ard 12 plus isit? i planned wit cheryl to go study wit val as dey shld b free.. bt at dat point of time val was still slping la.. hahas.. den wen she woke up we all decided to go study at bedok library at 5.. hahas.. i was like 10mins early bt cheryl was slightly late..(hahas its okok) lol..! val called n say she has to do a last minute stand in to teach a class.. hahas.. U OWE ME A BIG TREAT DERE!! hahas.. anyway i studied my hist n cheryl studied her chem.. hahas.. den dere was dis hilarious guy using his krisflyer points to change milage to penang.. he sounded as if he was on e run la!! hahas.. den me n cheryl was like laughing at him.. making jokes dat he is some kind of fugitive.. hahas!! Den i gt bored of studying n ask her whether she wanted to go parkway to play daytona.. hahas.. den off we went and went to play daytona! hahas well i still kinda suck la.. hais.. chang afterall still better!! heh!! beginner still cant come out at 300+.. heh.. hmm felt so bad la.. let her see me play la.. hey cheryl sry yea! hahas.. hmm den went shop ard parkway n den went up e arcade to play e i dunno shoot e sharks game! hahas its quite cool though! KRAKEN!! pirates of the carribean style.. hmm den went down to burger king to eat! n cheryl din eat anything agn la.. weird de! hahas.. den val say she wld b here anytime bt she took so long la!! hahas... hmm she came soon den we left fer aquarius to jus slack e night off.. hahas..walk ard den tok n tok n tok! hahas.. cab home later den cab driver was like asking us to go JC instead of poly la.. hhaas.. so funny..

hmm den today i tink doing nothing ba.. jus hope to complete my physics work which is on nx wed la.. sians!! hope i can score like 20-25 pts fer prelims? hey its tough fer sch paper la.. Os aiming fer 12pts.. heh..

fanaticme->Friday, September 08, 2006

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hmm lets see din blog on wad happen ytd.. so shall tok abt it now.. early in e morning nothing to do.. slack ard at home lors... play ps2.. hahas dats like my onli past time at home.. den waited fer val to finish her tuition at 5.30.. hahas.. was sleeping wen she smsed me la.. hahas.. anyway met her at e mrt platform den e mrt was like so filled ask her come out of e mrt instead la.. hahas.. was planning to go tampines to study lors.. yea.. den went dere n met up wit keita friend leon..hahas was waiting outside den val was like sneaking food into her mouth.. like so damm funny.. she sneaking ard like as though shes not allowed to eat.. hahas.. den waited fer too long went into e library instead.. hahas.. find fer a table den in e end settled fer a couch like thing.. yea.. den arcaded n went home.. yea!!
Then today was rather boring i mus say in e morning kelby came my hse to dl music into his mem card agn.. den went to meet jacob n mia fer SP semanar thingy.. till 5.. came home n now slacking once agn.. heh heh!!

fanaticme->Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006


hahas so happy on sunday can!! went down to expo straight after my tuition n bought e mac laptop!! macbook!! man it simply rocks la!! hmm carried ard wit me 2500 in cash la.. kena rob i dunno wad will happen to me la! hahas.. bought a modem n router oso la.. hahas.. hmm den went home charge n i dont noe how to install e damm modem n router!! stupid keep saying a network cable is unplugged! bt i plug in everything le!! den went my cousin 21st bdae at her hse.. hahas quite cool huh being 21 le finally!! wahhaas.. i wanna b 18 la so can drive.. heh heh.. now slacking ard den goin study later!! us study ah.. prelims i still playing! siao liao la me!!

fanaticme->Monday, September 04, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006

wah hahas cool man!

hahas had tuition in e morning at 12.. suppose to b at 11.30 de.. den cher kena stuck in a traffic jam.. so start late and den end late lors.. hahas. wen tto COMEX IT SHOW 2006 later on.. hahas walk ard fer a speaker, cordless phone, laptop,portable dvd player, dvd player, memeory card. hahas in e end bought e cordless phone n e speakers yea.. laptop is currently on hold as my dad refuses to get 1 fer us.. we 3 siblings r tinking of usin our own pocket money to get fer urself.. hahas. hmm now waiting fer e green light from my dad la.. bt he is goin to slp!! argh!! anyway wish me luck!! hahas!!

fanaticme->Saturday, September 02, 2006

hahas ok shall post abt thurs.. so fast start to neglect my blog already.. hahas.. was damm bored after sch la.. teachers day celebration ended den play bridge den jacob went home to play badminton wit his family members.. hahas i din go la.. so ya wanted to reallie find sum1 to go out with la.. jacob n i.. so called alicia den alicia said ok.. was goin wit darren.. stupid darren keep changing his mind la.. den in e end i tink alicia gt pissed off den cancelled e outing.. i was trying so hard to contact jacob meanwhile.. stupid guy nve pick up his phone la.. hahas.. den called val n noe dat she was in parkway wit her fren la.. so ask her to watch movie la.. den plan everything le so decided to meet at parkway.. hahas.. check fer e timing of the show wit my sis over e phone.. but ine end still bought a copy of the straits time to check. lol.. we went to plaza sing to catch e 9.20pm show THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!! hahs nice show man.. heh.. jacob dad den fetch us home after dat... walk e whole of ECP.. hahas.. quite fast la.. abt an hr.. yea.. den cab home.. as fer friday super bored at home fer e whole day.. study went out, came out went out agn to study.. hahas.. nothing much.. turning in fer e day now!! 12.21am sat morning!! everyone asking me where am i in sentosa or asking me to enjoy myself at krunk!! i am not dere! i at home la!! see dis is prove! hahas okok nites!

fanaticme->Saturday, September 02, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006


omgg mascherano n tevez is goin to west ham?! dats crazy?! like arsenal n man u wanted dem n dey rejected dis clubs to go west ham? man!! well shall blog tmr.. need to overcome dis shock.. n tired too

fanaticme->Friday, September 01, 2006

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