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KEvin ng MAris stella High school!! 3more mths la



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By Eminem

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hmm back after so long!!

hmm been reallie hectic dis 2 weeks to blog la.. hahas nve reallie update.. had my last clubbing event at DXO.. sucks like hell la.. den sms my fren tell her it sucks.. e mama say i scold vulgar language.. wanna call police sumore.. wth la!! den i was like half asleep at ek hse la.. noisy la!! hahas.. my mama nve even call me.. u call?! hmm dis past few weeks nve even go work.. heard from all my colleagues dat its now damm hard to book until a place.. dey recruited like 7 more lifeguards la.. den my supervisor say have to book like 2 weeks in advance now to have a chance to work.. omgg!! it used to b like a few days before hand la.. wth!! n anyway dis past 2 weeks have oso been spending wit my dear!! nearly everyday oso go out wit her.. hahas.. like addicted to her le.. lollol.. cousin came over on christmas.. power sia.. play bridge like till e wee hours of e morning.. hahas. brother n him was mapling n dota-ing.. i was ps2-ing.. hahas.. quite fun la.. cousin moving new hse soon.. gonna stay over at his new hse la.. damm power.. new condo.. den can play pool tennis swim.. hahas den go STEAM rooom.. damm fun la.. keke.. today nve go out wit my dear la.. sadd.. got swimming trg.. heh.. she goin out wit her siao clan.. hahas.. hope she enjoys herself throughly!! hmm dats all fer today la.. hahas.. lazy to go rmb all e things i have done fer e past 2 weeks la.. hahas its has only been something!! FUN FUN FUN!! hahas..

fanaticme->Thursday, December 28, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

whao!! back to blog agn!! hahas

hmm been reallie busy dis few weeks la!! been to thailand fer swimming competition.. nt too bad a result!! hahas.. den work n play!! out wit baobeii everyday la.. hahas.. bought like damm little things from thailand la.. nt much shopping la.. sians.. everyday swimming!! hahas.. wel its actually keita toking abt my blog dat i came to update la.. hahas.. damm tired now la.. taking my dinner now den go slp le.. tmr still having trg!! shagged!! bt goin buy watch tmr la!! incentive!! haas byebye..

fanaticme->Friday, December 15, 2006

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